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MARKETING: Your Corporate Identity

The Meaning of Colors & Your Corporate Identity
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Colors have meaning! Are you picking out business cards, or getting a logo redesigned? Here are the colors and their meanings to assist you:

RED - Passion, Speed, Danger, Stop, Sale!, Excitement, Strength, Sex
BLUE- Belonging, Coolness Professional, Trust, Reliability, Male, Business
YELLOW - Happiness, Intellectual, Sunshine, Warmth, Cheer
ORANGE- Warmth, Vibrant, Playful
GREEN - Plants, Summer, Fresh, Cool, Growth, Abundance, Nature
PURPLE - Spiritual, Dignity, Royal
PINK - Sweet, Nurture, Security, Soft, Female
WHITE - Pure, Virginal, Clean, Youthful
BLACK- Elegant, Sophisticated, Seductive, Mystery
GOLD - Expensive, Valuable, Prestige
SILVER - Cold, Scientific, Prestige

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Anonymous Tammy said...

Why PR Firms Adopt A Culture of Youth

Named PR Firm of the Year, Edelman is the largest and most well known PR firm. Small business owners can gain insight from the wisdom of Richard Edelman who writes.....

"I had dinner on Sunday night with Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister of Israel, and breakfast on Saturday with George Soros, the founder of Soros Fund Management. I tagged along with Ned Lamont, my friend and candidate for US Senate (hey, whatever it takes to meet these kinds of people!). I was, needless to say, impressed by the perspective and insights from these two men. Despite--or because of--their age, they're as considered, passionate and energetic as men half their age. I think it is worth asking why our profession, public relations, has been so quick to adopt a culture of youth...."

Read the rest of the article posted on his blog at

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Anonymous Tammy Barbour said...

Understanding Demographics: Young's Uphill Battle

Andrew Young recently apologized for statements made to the black press regarding Wal-Mart being preferable to mom and pop shops run by various non-African American minority groups (Jewish, Korean, and Arab Americans). Black pundits explained Young's unfortunate comments, which we shall not repeat here, as being about inner city residents paying exorbitant prices for spoiled meat, to outsiders while never having the opportunity to own a store themselves.

It is true that City Councils over the country have had complaints of shops selling postage stamps for a dollar, and outdated baby formula. Meanwhile, the ADL and other organizations stated they were saddened by Young's comments because there was no worthy explanation for the stereotype Young offered.

With that, Young resigned from his post as an image builder for Wal-Mart's Working Families for Wal-Mart, which he had chaired since February.

Back in February, when Young took the post, Bruce Dixon of The Black Commentator called Young "The Shameless Son", writing, "The cynical misuse of his stature as an icon of the Freedom Movement, preacher, former elected official, and honored elder in black America to mask and obscure the crimes of his corporate client marks Mr. Young as nothing more nor less than a corporate whore." When WAOK-AM radio asked Young to justify his position, you could hear the tomatoes flying through the air. Callers bashed Wal-Mart as a union crushing low wage paying giant dumping "its health care costs on the public sector while receiving government subsidies." This is all about understanding demographics. When attracting a customer, you must strive to understand more than the surface.

Did Wal-Mart NOT know the Civil Rights Leader would have an uphill battle defending Wal-Mart to poor inner city residents? The African American press was hanging Young out to dry. Trying to get on the level of inner city customers who have a love hate relationship with mom and pop shop owners was always going to be a tougher task for Young, than it would be for say, Spike Lee. Did someone at Wal-Mart watch "Do the Right Thing", and believe they could cast Young as Spike's character Mookie, fighting Sal's Pizza shop for more parmesan cheese while Raheem plays "Fight The Power" in the backon the boom box until the cops show up? If so, they got their Civil Rights Leaders mixed up. John Lewis is the booming voice who still goes out and gets arrested, putting his reputation on the line for social causes and is applauded by the masses. Young is the level headed negotiator.

Let me explain. Today's inner city family is made up of people who have only heard second hand of Young's work with Dr. King. That movement successfully galvanized African Americans from both sides of the tracks via Young who explained the movement to the have's, and John Lewis getting in the trenches with the have-not's. While inner city blacks respect Andrew Young, they don't feel they have anything in common with him. Middle class blacks respect Young, but don't feel that he is accessible. As respected as he is, Young likely has the most "street cred" with the mainstream business community. Andrew Young shopping at Publix or Kroger works as a campaign. Young with an American Express Card works. Since Spike Lee would likely have declined an offer to build Wal-Mart's image, let Fantasia Barrino be their spokesperson in the inner city trenches. That is credible.

If you need someone who can do no wrong, ask Queen Latifah who appeals to all groups. Hiring Michael Jackson just because he is black won't work. Nor should you look for "street cred" from P.Diddy. Puff isn't getting "his sexy on" in Wal-Mart. The day I see Puff pushing a shopping cart is the day I will know I have gotten old. Bill Clinton would be a great choice, you'd have blacks flocking to Wal-Mart. Isn't he from Arkansas where Wal-Mart is headquartered?

Just because you like Gloria Estafan's Latin music doesn't mean you send her to build Wal-Mart's image with New York Puerto Ricans. It isn't that they hate her. While they might rather see Estafan rather than Anna Nicole Smith, J Lo might be even better to New York Puerto Ricans.

Let me relate this really sad story. Some Frenchmen were visiting Detroit and got lost. They stopped at a gas station to ask for directions in the worst area of town. They were killed. This is a sad story about naivete. So is was this strategy of hiring Young for this task. Yes, it is true that Young was nominated as an Ambassador. Blacks were so proud. But who nominated him? Not a Wal-Mart cashier. He was elected Mayor. Blacks were so proud. Who voted? The same people who always vote. Voters tend to be older people, don't they? But if the Royal Bank of Scotland needs a spokesman, Young is a great choice to show diversity and more specifically to appeal to that segment of the black community that is a most likely RBS customer. Blacks would be so proud to see Young in this role. If he had been called to negotiate for Wal-Mart with a minority City Council over a zoning issue, it would have been a good move. What local official wouldn't want to feel like they are negotiating with a former UN Ambassador. Making them proud is what Young has always done for black people, and used in this way, what he has to say becomes credible.

But explaining the bad meat he likely doesn't eat as the reason he supports Wal-Mart isn't credible to his audience... coming from him, while working for Wal-Mart, though it is a reality in some neighborhoods.
The more the tomatoes were thrown, the more Young really tried to employ the language and hardships in the trenches as his cause celeb. This is credible coming from a Civil Rights Leader. It is not credible coming from a spokesperson for a corporation with image issues in the community. It is going to be suspicious as long as the sun rises and sets.

I feel sure Andrew Young is not a racist. He does not believe the stereotypes he put out there. He was not even believable making the statements. He was simply viewed as naive and out of touch by this demographic. The more Young tried to get in the trenches to explain himself to Blacks, the more he found himself in trouble with everyone.

Let's not ruin any more icons.

The moral of this story is understand your demographic. Not just their race or any other single characteristic. When choosing a spokesperson don't simply choose someone palatable to you within that group, and assume the group will think as you do. I believe that Young may have been sincere in trying to help, but again the wrong strategy was employed. He needed to be meeting with City planners, or giving out grants for community projects.

When choosing an identity or slogan, don't dumb it down beneath the dignity or intelligence of the customers you are trying to attract. One testimony to the genius of the Founding Fathers is that they understood that various factions would not be homogenous. Most Jewish people, Koreans, or Arabs have never been shop owners in the Black community. In the same way, every member of any group is not always credible to the group they belong too or a particular sub-group they may not belong too or performing certain activities.

Wal-Mart's has a something for everyone, undifferentiated marketing strategy. This saves money because they are large and have mass appeal. They cannot apply undifferentiated marketing to a particular sub group of consumers. They can select a spokesperson from each demographic, which is differentiated or segmented marketing. The best thing a small business can do is create a niche by targeting as deeply into your demographic as possible and strive to serve that group and only that group in a unique way.

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Blogger cjl622 said...

I never gave much thought to colors in the corporate world other than what colors I should not wear in the office.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone use this blog anymore? Saw the link in a recent article and came to see what kind of valuable information I could gleen but the most recent post is August 2006 ....

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw that article also, and reviewing the information contained in the blog, good info....seems a worthy endeavor to post thoughts on the topics MY time as a business owner, being able to post is a rare treat.

10:19 PM  

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